The Services You Need

Trenching – Do you need a trench? Whether you need trenching for block wall footings, foundations footings, plumbing trenches, or trenches for utilities, we will dig the trench to your requirements.
Best Trucking in the Southwest Trucking – Do you need to move material? You can find the best hauling here at Pearson Trenching and Trucking. We are experienced in moving rock, sand, gravel, asphalt, concrete, and even debris.
Riprap – Avoid erosion with appealing Riprap. This ground cover is perfect for areas where water conservation is important. Here in the Southwest, flash floods can remove dirt and weaken slopes quickly. Riprap is both functional and beautiful. Choose the variety of rock and we will arrange it as you would like.
Rock Walls – More appealing to the eye and less expensive than block walls. With a rock wall you can retain up to 50′ of dirt.
We'll build your pad Pads – All buildings need a strong foundation. Start your building right with a level, compact pad built by Pearson Trenching and Trucking. Commercial or residential, we will build your pad for you.
Demolish, Remove and Replace Demolition – Do you need to remove or replace concrete, asphalt, or a wall? We can remove that and more. We specialize in tearing down just about whatever you need demolished. You won’t need to worry about where to dispose it, as we can take of transporting the waste to the appropriate disposal facility.