Providing Your Trenching Needs

Footings We’ve been digging footings for over 20 years.  No matter what dimensions you need, our operators pride themselves in digging the trench to your specifications.  Whether you need a small one foot deep trench or a utility trench up to 20′ deep, we have the equipment to dig it.  We also pride ourselves in locating underground utilities.
Utility Trenches Utility Trenches – Gas, water, power, and sewer trenches.  You can leverage our experience by having us dig the trench, place sand, type II or any other filler.     We’ll also handle redirecting traffic, replacing asphalt and placing precast concrete.
We remove caliche Caliche and Rock removal   – Throughout the southwest, rock and caliche lie beneath the topsoil.  If there is anything in the   way, we’ll remove it.  Our backhoes are equipped for hoe-rams, even our excavator is ready for rock   or caliche removal.